ACTION 8 - Survey

Action description
In addition to the research projects that may be carried out by the network's scientific partners, the RCC|KN project also aims to meet the demand from industry in the broad field of energy performance of buildings. Furthermore, the network also aims to open up to partners from the research and education sectors.
It will therefore be a question of offering these different types of partners a test infrastructure based on the latest technological developments and enabling them to carry out tests using the capabilities of the various operators involved. The testing possibilities, due to the existence of the network, become greater and generate high added value. 
This action will therefore consist of consulting the industrial, research and teaching communities in order to identify their respective demands and to determine the answers that the network will be able to provide.

A series of potential applications will then be identified and will help to better design the future of the RCC|KN platform.
In order to help the project partnership in its approach, three questionnaires, depending on the sector of activity, have been developed. Would you have a few minutes ( 5 to 10 minutes) to answer this questionnaire? Click on the button corresponding to your sector of activity to access the online questionnaire.
  • Industrial partners (companies, ...)

  • Education sector partners (universities, colleges, ...)

  • Research partners (laboratory, research centre, research unit, ...)