The ENERBAT platform was initiated by LERMAB (Riad BENELMIR, Damien DESCIEUX) with the financial support of the Contrat Plan Etat Région, CNRS and ICEEL, in 2007. Its objective is to study the optimal coupling of energy equipment to the building envelope.
It is therefore a platform dedicated to building energy efficiency capable of simultaneously producing heat, cold and electricity, making it a tri-generation platform.
This technological platform was created on the campus of the Faculty of Science and Technology in Nancy and developed as research work and funding progressed. 
ENERBAT is part of a cross-border exchange network between the University of Lorraine, the University of Luxembourg and the University of Liège which has a similar platform (Interreg, TRNSYS conference).
ENERBAT Platform



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Project financed by the support of the European Union, the Interreg V-A Greater Region program and the European Regional Development Fund